Buy liquid GHB online




Buy liquid GHB online.

Buy liquid GHB online, also known as liquid ecstasy and fantasy, is a colourless, odourless, salty tasting liquid. It was originally developed as an anaesthetic, but was dropped after a few years because of the unwanted side effects.

Effects of GHB.

It can take anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour for GHB to kick in. It has been known for the effects to last up to a full day.

Short-term effects can include:
induced state of euphoria
increased levels of sociability and sexual desire
becoming relaxed and calm
making you sleepy and disorientated
nausea, vomiting and muscle spasms
convulsions and breathing problems.

Taking too much.

If too much GHB is taken it can cause you to lose consciousness or go into a coma. The difference in the amount needed to give you a hit, or cause you to pass out can be as little as half a capful.

As with all illegal (therefore unregulated) drugs, it is hard to determine the potency of any batch. This makes it harder to tell how much would cause an adverse reaction.

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